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Highlights of performance problems in Windows 11

 Some performance issues arose as the new Windows 11 system began to arrive. Microsoft made observations about these problems on its official website. Others have been discovered by users.

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Performance issues in Windows 11

One of the most prominent issues mentioned by the company on the official page is the problem of compatibility with Intel Killer network drivers, which particularly affects the slower loading of some websites than others.

This significantly affects when videos that appear to be slower are broadcast at certain resolution rates. A problem has arisen when virtual devices are turned on in Windows 11.

The company stated that it was working to resolve these problems and was on its way to providing a solution. This may often be in the next cumulative update.

For informal issues, some users pointed to the problem of intensively random male consumption in Windows 11.

Some users stated that the system clearly begins to slow down when many folders are opened. Even when all folders are closed, memory consumption does not begin to decrease but remains the same.

Start menu problem

Some users also reported the problem of having the taskbar design in the previous version as it is on the left. At the same time the Start menu does not respond, and this problem has previously been documented by Windows Insider subscribers.

This problem speaks more specifically of installing Windows 11 through Microsoft's installation assistant. Microsoft has not yet formally responded to the problem.

What you have to do

You can manually install the new system without waiting for automatic update. But Windows 11 may have performance problems. As a result, we recommend that you wait at least a short time before installation.

The practical solution is to wait for the next update to arrive officially via the Windows Update page. If you install the new version on your computer and you have problems with performance or compatibility. The best solution for this is to restart the computer.

Microsoft has previously made it clear that it is taking a phased approach with the introduction of the new operating system. This means that not everyone will see the upgrade notice in the Windows update window.

The company has designed this slow approach to ensure a high quality experience for everyone so that errors such as those mentioned earlier do not occur.

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